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The Midwest’s Finest Ag Businesses

Below you will see several of Big Horn’s Favorite Businesses involved in the ag industry. These Businesses cover a lot of your needs- from feed and supplies to machinery and feeders. For more information on any of these businesses, click their links to get directions, phone numbers, and more.

Nemo Feed 

Nemo is an independent manufacturer, providing both feed and nutrition services to the midwest. From just a glance, it’s easy to tell that this business takes pride in optimizing health. Not only offering a full line of non-GMO multi-species feed and soybean meal but even going so far as to hiring a team of experienced nutritionists. Simply to provide you with the right formula of feed for each species per their nutritional needs. They also specialize in by-product utilization and are able to formulate rations for your specific production scenario. Don’t worry, this business is committed to providing you with products and programs that serve to promote more profitability to your operations.

Click here to go to Nemo Feeds Listing page

Clear View Ag 

Clear View Ag is locally owned and operated by Daniel Showalter. He’s a farmer himself who’s been involved in the agriculture industry most of his life. Through which he gained his expertise in mechanical and equipment maintenance. The business has a wide variety of supplies and machines at an affordable price to help you enhance your farm’s potential. They not only carry a full line of hay equipment, but also European style tillage, manure spreaders, and attachments to name a few. Clear View is one business that truly knows what they’re doing, and they ensure their dedication to providing you with the quality products and support that you need.

Click here for more information on Clear View as well as see some pictures of their Machinery.

Baring Elevator 

Baring Elevator is a family-owned grain elevator involved in the grain and field bean wholesalers industry. This business is located in both southern Iowa and northeast Missouri where they plant and harvest. They primarily specialize in the handling of grains; doing both grain sales and purchasing. Along with on-site storage and transport. And they have employees across all locations invested in finding better ways to help and serve you.

See More on Baring Elevator here!

The Farm Shop 

The Farm Shop was started up back in 1985 by Alan Dixson and Jim Hamm. First as a repair shop for farm equipment, then they moved to start selling shortline equipment also. But this was only the start. Their firm belief in servicing what they sold helped them expand into a full line dealership by 1987 and have only continued to grow since. Now they sell more lines of machinery than ever. Stocked with a wide variety of AGCO brands, and other lines such as ArtsWay, Landpride, Bush Hog, and many more. In their lawn and garden Line, they sell and service Exmark and Simplicity. They also are authorized dealers for Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and Kawasaki engines.

Their primary goal as a professional heating contractors in Temecula and as a business is to make sure their customers are satisfied. They know from experience within their small community in NE Missouri, the only way to stay open as long as they have, customer service is key. All you have to do is take a look at their reviews, all singing praises for their kind employees, and overall excellent service.

For information on their hours and directions, click here

K-1 Cattle Feeders 

K-1 Cattle Feeders is run by a group of independent family-oriented businesses. They all work together toward the same goal- providing excellent quality and helpful service at a reasonable value, visit They’ve been in service since 2004. Designing and manufacturing top quality cattle feeders for the use of bulk feed and minerals. And with them being constructed from all treated lumber, corrosion-resistant fasteners, and a durable metal roof; they’re confident you’ll be satisfied with their craftsmanship. Taking pride in their faith, this business also prioritizes customer service. Striving to make sure you’re treated with the utmost kindness and consideration every time you stop by.

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