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The Sacred Heart Church, established on October 26, 1887, stands as a testament to time and faith. This historic edifice, born from devotion and a $10,000 investment, graced the College Square block, a generous gift from Jacob Brush, a Methodist philanthropist.

In 1928, tragedy struck when fire engulfed the church, but the congregation's resilience prevailed. Services temporarily moved to the Osage theater until December of the same year when the faithful celebrated Holy Mass in the basement of their newly erected sanctuary, just in time for Christmas.

Today, Sacred Heart Church stands as a beacon of faith and community, a timeless symbol of enduring devotion.

Honoring the spirit of Saint Isidore The Farmer (1070-1130), this sacred place embodies his values of hard work, faith, and compassion. Isidore, patron saint of Madrid, farmers, and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference in the United States, spent his entire life toiling in the fields. His devotion was unwavering, rising early for Mass and caring for those less fortunate, even sharing his meager meals with the hungry.

Isidore's love for animals and birds was legendary, and his life was marked by countless miracles. In 1622, he was canonized, forever memorializing his saintly legacy.

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