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Established in November 1985, the Dutchman's Store in Cantril is a family-owned business committed to providing essential goods at affordable prices to the community. Originally known as Jordan's Country Market, it was relocated from nearby Mt. Sterling, IA, by Clair and Virginia Zimmerman. In 2010, Clair's sons, Wilmer and Kevin, joined him in ownership, later followed by Kenneth.

Over the years, the store has grown and diversified, offering departments like Sewing Supplies, Clothing, Gift Items, General Grocery, and Food. It's a one-stop destination for small farms and homestead needs.

The store's name, "Dutchman's Store," reflects the Zimmerman family's Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, hailing from Lancaster County, PA. This name holds deep significance to Clair and represents the store's commitment to the local community. Visit the Dutchman's Store soon to experience the warmth of a family-owned business dedicated to serving its customers.

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