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Nemo is an independent manufacturer, providing both feed and nutrition services to the midwest. From just a glance, it’s easy to tell that this business takes pride in optimizing health.  Not only offering a full line of non-GMO multi-species feed and soybean meal but even going so far as to hiring a team of experienced nutritionists. Simply to provide you with the right formula of feed for each species per their nutritional needs.   They also specialize in by-product utilization and are able to formulate rations for your specific production scenario. Don’t worry, this business is committed to providing you with products and programs that serve to promote more profitability to your operations. 

  • They manufacture livestock mineral, concentrate, and complete feeds.
  • They have consulting nutritionists to provide on-farm services.
  • They formulate rations for your specific production scenario.
  • They specialize in by-product utilization.


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