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Everything You Need For Your Back Yard!!! James & Christine Burkholder along with their team provide everything from mulch and stone to plants and fertilizer they have what you need for your garden and flowerbeds. They are focused on outstanding quality plants, knowledgeable people, great selection, superb service. Dutch Garden also has a second location that is open year-round at Country View Store in Memphis MO.

Dutch Garden Nursery has a catalog over 100 pages with seeds, trees, bird netting, bulbs, fertilizer, fire pits, retaining wall blocks, books, gloves, tools, potting soil, pots, watering kit, pruning supplies, weed barrier, birdhouse, berries, shade trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees, decorative stone and mulch, patio blocks, poly lawn furniture, fairy garden items, wind spinners, rain gauges, water fountains, trellises, wind chimes and much more. CLICK HERE to order Online 


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  • December 9, 2023 6:00 am local time

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